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Areas of wealth management we can help you with

Wealth management

Tailored financial advice and planning for individuals with significant assets, including pensions, property, savings and investments.

Investment management

Helping to make your money grow by making sound investments, without taking any unnecessary risks.

Retirement planning

Advice focused on ensuring you have enough money to last you through retirement, and planning for events such as later life care.

Private banking

A service for high net worth individuals who need specialist guidance to manage their wealth.

Tax and inheritance planning

Ensuring you don’t pay more tax than necessary, as well as reducing the tax on your estate when you die.

Financial advice

No-nonsense advice on making the most of your money or planning for your future.

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People use our recommendations to find help with their financial concerns:

Investing your cash

Improving investment returns

Planning retirement

Changing wealth managers

Complex wealth issues

Investing your cash

Improving investment returns

Planning retirement

Changing wealth managers

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Frequently asked questions.

Our experts are ready to give you impartial insights to help you manage your wealth better.

What is a wealth manager?

Answered by Rory Scott

A wealth manager offers a comprehensive range of financial planning and investment management products, in one integrated service. In essence, they offer everything under one roof. Your financial adviser does all the planning and works with an investment manager that will manage your money. On an ongoing basis, they will review your investments to make sure they are performing well and adjust them when need be.

What is the difference between a financial adviser and a wealth manager?

Answered by Paul Dredge

In basic terms, a financial adviser is what the name suggests, someone who gives financial advice. Whether that be on pensions, if you are holding too much cash or if you require financial planning. They will do all of that for you, then hand over to someone else to manage the money. A wealth manager offers financial advice and investment management as one service.

Should the people who help me be local to me?

Answered by Rory Scott

The post Covid world has probably changed our answer to this question. Now we have got used to video meetings, it may now mean that less and less meetings are done face to face. I think people find it comforting to have someone down the road that they could call in an emergency, however you may be missing out on having the best manager because they are based elsewhere. We know great firms with offices all round the UK, so it really is what you feel most comfortable with.

How much does your service cost?

Answered by Paul Dredge

Our service is completely free to you. Compare Wealth Managers receives income from our network of wealth manager partners who, in line with our policy of impartially and transparency, all pay same the amount for our services. We have taken great care to form our partner network, to ensure that we can offer you leading Wealth Managers to choose from, no matter what your requirements are.

I have an existing relationship with an adviser, but I am unsure if I am getting the best possible service from them?

Answered by Rory Scott

We get asked this a lot, we think our service is perfect for this very question. You can use our search tool to narrow down to just 3 people to speak with, we will then arm you with all the questions you should be asking them. You can then go back to your existing manager and ask them the same questions. This should then give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. The service is completely free to use and no obligation.

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